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Building on the Beige G3

Well here it is... It's quite the monster. running a full 768Mb of Ram and a 500 mhz G4 Upgrade from PowerLogix. the only machine that can run both Mac OS 8.0 AND OS X 10.2

photo of my beige g3

It took some effort, but I managed to set up a boot partition running mac os 8.1 on HFS. Everything built without a hitch, and then I set myself on the unexpectedly long journey of reoganizing the source code.

I've moved everything into a three folder type of arrangement.

my goal in seperating the src files from the build projects is to set things up so that, hopefully, there will be no relevant resource forks in the src directory and we can use git or something to potentially make this a multi-person project.

Cutting the fat...

the first thing I did was set to work on removing things that weren't necessary. I decided that JAVA made the easiest target, as java web applets are largely gone from the internet these days and any that are around wont run on an old mac.

Thus far, I was able to eliminate 4 projects from the code.

I've also set up a github repo located here: https://github.com/denodster/mozz

The next thing I'll do revolves around this file: Component_Config.h I intend to eliminate all preprocessor macros that aren't relevant and their associated code. This should allow me to get rid of a lot of code, maybe even a number of files.

don't laugh, but my current commit process is to compress the 3 project folders (build, src, and lib) and then drop them on a zip disk. The disk is then read by my trusty usb zip drive on my macbook air, where I copy the and expan the sit files in my git folder and then make a commit.